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Welcome to Museum Havezate Mensinge

Havezate Mensinge in Roden is the most authentic decorated havezate in the Netherlands. The inventory largely originates from the residents themselves and therefore contains a variety of original and unique objects. These objects provide insight into the life and wealth of the former residents of the havezate. Together with the more than six hundred year old building with largely intact estate, the museum is a particularly interesting place to visit.

Museum Havezate Mensinge is beautifully located: it borders an extensive forest area and is located on a very short distance from Groningen, Assen and Drachten. At Mensinge, the history of many centuries comes to life: here you discover how people used to live in a manor in Drenthe.













Throughout the house family portraits of the former residents can be found. In addition, there are dozens of paintings and watercolors by Coenraad Kymmell, son of one of the former residents. Around 1900, Coenraad captured the Mensinge estate and surroundings in a colorful palette. Just like his impressionist contemporaries, the landscape and the working of light are central in loose brushstrokes. His work provides an interesting picture of the landscape around Roden a hundred years ago. 

Coenraad Kymmell heide.jpg

Take a walk on the Mensinge Estate

After a visit to Mensinge you can take beautiful walks through the stately avenues around the house that lead to the Mensinge forest. The forest was partly created by the residents for its recreative function and partly for wood production. A multitude of structures can be seen in the forest, including a burial mound and six pingo ruins. Two beautiful walking routes have been set out, one of which takes you past the cultural heritage of Roden.


Where to eat and sleep

Visiting a museum makes you hungry... Opposite the manor you will find Cuisinerie Mensinge: a great restaurant for a pleasant lunch on the terrace, an intimate dinner or a special overnight stay.

Planning your visit

Museum “Havezate Mensinge” is open every Wednesday till Sundag from 13:00-17:00. Parking at walking distance.


Entrance fee: €9,50 per adult, children up to the age of 18 are free of charge.

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